So, when all was said and done, how did your hair come out? Any ill effects on your hair after feeling like the product was burning your scalp a little?

I just got my first bottle of CJ Repair Me today and plan on using it for the first time tomorrow, so I'm curious to hear how your hair otherwise reacted to it. (My hair is protein sensitive, and it's been a while since I've used any significant amount of protein on my hair, but I was hoping CJ Repair Me would be a mild enough PT that I could use it maybe once every month or two to keep a good moisture-protein balance going.)
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I believe I'm also protein sensitive. I can handle soy protein in small doses. I decided to try this because my curl pattern has dissipated.

After the treatment my curls were very very defined. My hair was very poofy and frizzy though but I think that was from the week of rain and dew points.
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