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Hair care is done by things like coarse vs fine and porosity. To a lesser extent, numerical type plays a role. I use 'black' products. Are they not supposed to work on me because I'm White with type 3 hair? There are Black type 4s who use 'white' products. Being shunted into product based on race or ethnicity isn't going to necessarily give you the best hair care options.
I don't think anyone should base their product use on what is marketed towards their race. But I do believe that people of the same ethnic background have similar hair properties. Just being "white" is not even close to specific enough. It has to do with the actual DNA. I agree, a fully "white" 3B would not have the same exact properties as a different ethnicity 3B. That was my point.
Sure they can. There are Black 3b's with my hair properties.
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