If I need water out quickly without frizzing, I've plopped into a t-shirt, then layered a terry towel over top. Pressing /squeezing the towel against the t-shirt pulls out a lot of excess water in a short amount of time. Depending on what you need during the drying process, a t-shirt turban with terry towel over top might work too.
CG since 11/2011
2c /3a F /Mii, low porosity

Winter Products /Routine:
Clarifying: Herbal Essences Tealightfully Clean
Low Poo: Renpure Luxurious Argan Oil
Co-washes: Suave Naturals Tropical Coconut or Daily Clarifying
Tresemme Expert Selection Perfectly (un)Done, Cure Care, Suave Tropical Coconut or Daily Clarifying
LI (if needed):
Tresemme Perfectly (un)Done, Renpure Brazilian Keratin Straightening (old formula), Cure Care
Stylers: HETT, AIF
PT: IAGirl's as needed