curlypearl, have you tried cccc? i get mixed results with it,but i think in the early fall is when i get the best results.
cj honey butta works very well in my hair! i put it onto dripping wet hair, work it through, then scrunch it. marsha had recommended it to me as a styler and i just recently tried it full force! sometimes i use a leave in like beauticurls leave in, then the honey butta. and other times i just use the honey butta, no leave in. never anything over it.

last winter i used cj deep fix as my leave in and lalsg over it -- not perfect, but pretty good in those very low dews. this winter i will see how honey butta works.

another decent combo is curl rehab as leave in, ciab over it.

i have been also experimenting with a leave in, curl rehab or deep fix, and then jane carter n&s to seal it in. i guess i am determined to find what it is my hair likes in low dews. (mid to high dews never a problem! cj aloe fix)
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3a, some 2c & 3b, medium texture, porosity normal, low elasticity
washing/cowashing, conditioning, protein tx: [I] curl junkie products
leave in:cj conditioners and treatments as leave in
styling: cj aloe fix gel, cj pattern pusha, cj honey butta leave in, cj cccc, cj ciab.
sealants - jane carter nourish & shine