I've been using KCCC on my wet hair over the canopy, then scrunch some more in - then adding a bit of water (not even close to super soaker, but same principle) - then using my t shirt to scrunch, waiting a tiny bit then adding Foxy Curls mousse. This has stopped the stringy-ness I'd sometimes get with KCCC and a gel and also has stopped a lot of frizz.

(i can't use KCCC alone, it makes me look like i just came in from a rainstorm, all droopy, stringy, wet)
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Wash: Yes To Carrots -Condition: Yes to Cucumber, Nature's Gate Jojoba, One C - Stylers: Deva volumizing foam, Deva UDG B'Leave In, Foxy Curls Hi-Def Curl spray