Wow, that is entirely the opposite view of "marriage" that I have always had. I think this is likely just semantics, but I have always viewed "civil unions" as the legal bond between to people,which gives them rights as spouses, next-of-kin, tax credits, etc etc, and marriages as a bond between to people recognized by a spiritual group of some sort. I mean... that's why a "civil" union is "civil"... it has nothing to do with religion. I have been to many weddings where religion plays no part whatsoever. I would loosely use the term "married" for anyone who has entered into a civil union, but when it comes to the law, what really matters, I would think, is whether or not every spouse, gay or straight, has the same legal rights, and that should be what is afforded in a civil union. I think the semantics are silly, but people seem to want that. I honestly don't understand why the issue is so complicated (except that some people seem to want to legislate morality, which I am firmly opposed to).

If that isn't the issue, then, well, you had best wage war on every church that doesn't recognize the marriage between divorcees or non-Catholics or... you get my drift. As a heterosexual woman I can't get married in a Catholic church, but since that is their own personal belief and doesn't affect my ability to get married in other churches, I'm not protesting that...
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