Yay! Two more people. Wow, 2 months and 5 months. You guys are doing great.

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Thanks!! I'm trying to grow my hair out for my wedding next October (376 days to go!!), and this is the longest it has been in YEARS. My roommate told me not long ago that if I ever cut it again, other than trims, she was going to kick my butt...lol.

Unfortunately, now, I have to find a new stylist. The only lady in town that I would let within 50 ft. of my hair with a pair of scissors has gotten a new job in an office for a non-profit. She was voted best stylist in my city for 3 years in a row for a reason. So now the search begins...because even though you may only want a trim it's amazing how things can go from a trim to a nightmare in a matter of snips.

All the flowers in the garden...