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carlos is great! no one at mario diab pushes you to buy anything. all the products are on display at the receptionist's desk, but unless you ask, no one mentions.
it's carlos' line, not mario diab's. mario has his own line of stuff there. carlos will use his products on your hair, unless you bring your own which is ok, and he might talk about what is in them a bit, but you will not feel any pressure whatsoever.
you can order them from them for a flat rate $5 shipping fee, or order them on carlos' nyc curls website, or order them from amazon. so in the very unlikely event that anyone offers them, you can say you have to wait. but i've been going there since carlos left devachan and joined mario, and have never been offered a product. and, one of my friends gets her hair cut by mario, and they have never asked her if she wanted to buy his products. you'll see, it's very upscale, classy.
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