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I feel how you feel pretty much It is extremely frustrating hearing about everyone's great hair days and HG products. I discovered this site in 2009 and I still don't have a magic combo or go to product! I've gone through too many products to list and I'm still very obsessed with the swap board and trying new products. I've also been cursed with being a perfectionist so 'the grass is always greener' and 'my hair could always be better'.

One of the things that happened recently and made me feel 100% better about my hair was getting my roots done at a salon and having them "style" it curly. It looked hideous when she was done! So pouffy, no definition, it felt awful to the touch and I couldn't wait to get home, do a DT then wash it and style it myself!

Another thing I've been doing lately is going back in time and looking at older pictures of me. Not just pictures from a few years back, those are depressing also. I'm talking elementary school when my hair was literally a curse. I was always told to 'brush my hair', so guess what, I had to brush my hair if it was dry or not!

If I only knew then what I know now…*sigh*

We've had some really thick fog up here in Northern MI for the last couple of days and my hair is looking pretty frizzy. But you know what? I'm starting to care a little less because I know it looks better than what anyone else can do to my hair.
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