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I too am socially far left but fiscally conservative. Undecided at this time but leaning towards Obama. I will be watching.
You might check out Gary Johnson - he's the libertarian candidate and is getting shut out of a lot of debates. He is fiscally very conservative but is pro-marriage equality and pro-choice. He is also pro-legalization of marijuana and has some less traditional (but in my opinion, quite logical) views on immigration, which also tie into his views on legalization of marijuana. He was New Mexico's governor for 8 years, and re-elected for his second term (as a Republican!) in that majority-democrat state. I don't love every single one of his policies, but he is far more in line with my beliefs than either of the major party candidates.
Thank you! If we all "waste" our vote in good independent or Libertarian candidates, maybe we can have better outcomes and choices.

"Good" being the operative word. Rotsa ruck finding one of those. Most libertarians are anti-civil-rights, because they don't think Johnson's 1968 Civil Rights Act was legal and Rosa Parks had no right to sit at that lunch counter if the proprieter didn't want her there.

I once voted for an independant...Ross Perot. All he did was split the vote. He wasted *my* vote. Ralph Nader helped propel Bush into his second term by splitting the vote as an independant. I'm too burned to ever vote for another one if it will dampen the chances of the least-worst other candidates.
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