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This is why it's legal, I'm sure. And I definitely can understand taking pictures of people at events like races, dog meetups, rallies, etc.

Something about taking a picture of a stranger just in their daily commute or exercising while at the gym feels not-right.

Perhaps because 90% of the time when you're taking pictures like that its to make deroggatory comments about them? I dunno.

Greasy hair, bad skin, dirty clothes, sweaty while working out, picking their nose in the car...

I can't say that I see a lot of, OMG, look at her great outfit! It's more like, OMG, her outfit is terrible.
I'm sure that's it. Because my second friend is always taking Instagram photos of people on the T and they're just pictures of, like, an old guy with a hat that says "here comes trouble" or a young guy reading Kafka or something like that.

The first woman in NYC, I've just never seen her say a single nice thing about anyone. She just put up another picture right now of a woman who has her pants tucked into her boots and saying how it's wrong on so many levels. I don't know if it's because she's wearing pink pants and has brown boots, or if it's because they're tucked in, or if it's because her boots are high-heels. I'm no fashion plate so it goes over my head. I only know it's mean-spirited.

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