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This is absolutely correct.
That's true but there is a higher rate of ovary failure within 5 years of a hysterectomy. Not everyone but I do know a few people who have had to go back and have ovaries remove. It's a major surgery no matter the reason you have it. Definitely something to think about.
Ovary failure? As in stopped working? Btw, I sent you a pm.
I just checked my PMs. I will reply to that one later. They can fail but it's not a high percentage. It's just one of the things that can happen. Some women keep their ovaries and are fine. I think a hysterectomy is a last resort because it's removing a vital organ that produces hormones...but if the benefits of having it removed are great than keeping it than I totally see the need to have one. But that's my opinion though. Everyone has to weigh the pros and cons. I had absolutely no trouble after surgery and my doctor said I was a textbook perfect example of healing...

The choice is yours and no doctor or person can talk you into or out of anything. You have to make of your own mind.
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