Hits: qhemet biologics olive and honey balm and alma and olive heavy cream. These will be my staple stylers from now on. My hair is so moisturize and shiny. The gel isn't bad but I had to use Ecco along with it to tame these locs.

Miss: coco tree detangling ghee and moringa ghee on wet hair. I don't see the big deal about these two products. On Sunday I used it after washing and conditioning and I had to combine these two products to get some kind of moisture. I am remembering now that these leave ins don't have glycerine. Probably that's why they didn't work. Will not repurchase.
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Ok I know that I will not repurchase coco tree detangling or the moringa ghee, but I think that they both work better on dry hair has a moisturizer. So it is a maybe. Will continue to try.