As the years have passed, my hair has started to get more and more tricky to deal with. It used to be about armpit length and it would take me an hour every night to brush it out.
So a couple years ago, I got it done shoulder length, and I've kept it about there since. But I've been trying to grow it long, and lately I've been wondering if the difficulty is worth it. I can only imagine my hair will be 10x more difficult to deal with once it's long. Plus I've dyed my hair to the point where it's so damaged it's at risk of falling out.
I've been considering getting a pixie cut (similar to this: but probably shorter). Problem is, my hair is so frizzy that I'm not sure whether I'd have a cute pixie cut or an afro.

My hair looks like this when it's brushed:
Like this when it rains:
Like this on a good day:
And as you can kind of see here the bangs poof a lot more than the rest of my hair:

So do you think I could pull off a pixie cut? Would my hair be straight if I cut it like that?