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I used to mix KCCC with Aubrey Organics Mandarin Magic Jelly and the duo worked really well. It distributed much better than KCCC did alone, at the time.
3b, fine texture, low to normal porosity
Low Poos:
MOP C Hydrating, JC HCC, Ion Swimmer's Poo
Condish: GVP Balm, Kenra, Tigi Oatmeal/Honey, DE Coconut
Leave-In: BWC, Abba Gentle, KBB Nectar, GFTN
Stylers: CJ AF/CIAB, SS CEJ/FHG, QCCC, Komaza Puddings, EW SAJ or Alba Soft Curl w/KKSS, Kenra, Homemade FSG, AOMM, CK/QB HTSG

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