My jet engine...I mean blender... is still kicking.

I can't even bring myself to spend the money to buy a food processor (which I'd probably use) so I know I won't spend hundreds on a vitamix that I don't need.

Just nice to entertain a thought from time to time.
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Why did I type this? I ended up getting one, but I mainly blame Mr. Spring for being an enabler and practically forcing me to buy it. I just got it and my strict rule is that if I don't absolutely fall in love with it I'll return it. Honestly, I could probably fall in love with it and still feel the need to send it back because I feel so guilty spending that much. Oy vey. We got it for $379 (before tax, I have to ignore the tax or I feel even worse).

We'll see how it goes, I've got 30 days to decide. I will say using it today to make my smoothie was a breeze and so darn quiet compared to my old blender. Of course that's not enough justification to keep it. I wouldn't even let Mr. Spring facebook a picture of it I felt so guilty about it.
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So how are you liking your vitamix?

I ordered the newer model last night
I've been wanting one for ages!!!!!! My hubby said, go for it! I could not take my card out of my wallet fast enough!!! Only thing, after I placed the order, I realized I could have bought one within 20 miles!!
Ugh! Anyway, the new one has preset buttons and a pulse switch.
I am beyond excited!!!!!
I plan on using it to make flours, smoothies, name it!!
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