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Walgreens had a BOGO free sale and I wanted the Grow & Strengthen product line. But there are three of them and buying on a BOGO free sale and still spending $30.00 wasn't attractive. One of my local Walgreens only had the EVOO & Moringa products - at least that's what it looked like. Apparently the Grow & Strengthen Herbal Custard was pushed to the back when the EVOO & Moringa shipment came in. When someone found it, they put it on the clearance rack and marked it down from $15.99 to $3.99. Yay! I then proceeded to another Walgreens store to procure the treatment masque and edge taming taffy using the BOGO deal. This is a $43.00 order for which I only shelled out $17.00. Double yay!

This stuff is good! It truly strengthens. You must moisturize well. The label says "Grow & Strengthen," not moisturize. So I will say that these products do what the labels indicate. Good for me cuz I had moisturization all sewn up. I was looking specifically for a strengthener. I'm very happy with the results.

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