I ferment water kefir grains in sugar and a half gallon of water for 2-4 days, then strain the grains out (and use the grains to start the next batch). To the liquid, I add a whole sliced lemon, fresh diced ginger, a dried fig, and some blueberry juice concentrate and let that sit and ferment for another 2-4 days. I then strain out the fruit (I reuse the ginger several times in the next batches, but discard the lemon and fig each time). To that liquid, I add about 4 cups each of green tea and nettle tea. I've then got about a gallon of nutritious drink.

To make nettle tea, I steep dried nettle leaves in boiling water. I usually let it sit for about 24 hours. I make green tea the usual way, with loose tea leaves, just steeping for a few minutes, strain and allow to cool, and add to kefir container.

My kids call me a mad scientist, because I've got a whole counter in my kitchen devoted to fermenting stuff.