What was your experience at Mars in Wakefield? I read two reviews that said the "Deva cut" there was done on wet hair. That is why I went 65 miles to Clinton, CT where my "Deva cut " was done on ....you guessed it ...WET hair. There is another salon on the Deva site in Peacedale I think. I called and waited for about 2 weeks for someone to call me back and by then had made the other apt. They might be worth talking to - but I really no longer have faith in the Deva site recommendations. They even state that they are not responsible for the listed salons.
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The woman I saw at mars was technically trained in the Devacut, and I had had Deva cuts in the past from a great stylist so I knew what to expect.
I wish I still had the horrible after photo I took of my hair and sent to a friend. I walked in with ringlets, in need a a little love, I walked out less than an hr later with a frizzy puffy mess!

She had said she 'tweaked' the deva cut a little so i thought i would give it a go still. She washed my hair, doused it in Mister Right curl refresher, and preceded to do some whack job cut on my hair- half wet half dry.

No sense of order to the cut. I had told her my curls were clumping too much and needed to be broken up (normally a good stylist will gently pull apart the two or three curls that have twisted together and snip them so they fall at slightly different lengths to allow them to separate from each other).

Worst thing though- I told her i like to have the curls around my face fall so they hit about my check bone for some face shape.

She took a curl pulled it Straight and then snipped away.

I have about a 3in curl shrinkage, that curl sprung up to above my eyebrow.

Midway through the cut she goes "Ohhhh I still cut some of my clients dry"
Could have screamed.

Went home and rewashed and styled my hair to see just how bad it really was since you couldn't tell what my curls looked like when I left. Needless to say, I braided and pinned my hair up alot for a while.

Got that cut back in the spring, I waited for my hair to fully grow out of it before I made an appointment while visiting my parents at a salon that I trust back in NJ in July.
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