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Originally Posted by curlyfro33 View Post
Thanks for your response. Is there any sort of natural treatment i can do to define my curls and get them thicket? For instance would perm rods do anything? How risky is a texturizer?
Omg NOOOOO stay away from the texturizer ... The perm rods will be fine if you want to achieve a curl that you dont have... I would suggest deep conditioning, follow the cg method no poo/low poo co wash if you dont know what this means cg is the curly girl handbook that was made my lorraine i believe her name is only wash your hair at the scalp and minimal shampoo washings completely saturate the hair with conditioners when you do your cowashes (co wash means just condition no shampoo) and I use coconut oil on my hair every so often when its super dry, try protein treatments those may be able to help you usually when your hair is healthy it grows back more thick
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