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Default It's the little things that people say...

We went out for a couple of drinks tonight, and just as we were getting ready to leave I was told that my hair looked wet and not to catch a cold. On the walk home I felt my hair and it was dry! All I did to style it was put a little KCKT and some homemade flaxseed gel in it, diffused and let it dry for about an hour before we went out. Did I over do it with product or something??? What looks "normal" to me certainly doesn't fit the bill

I guess I am just overly sensitive...

Apparently, I am also doing another faux pas: straightening my side swept bangs while wearing my hair curly. There is a whole other thread about that I just saw it recently and took another blow to the ol' self esteem I've tried not to straighten them but it just looks awful.

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