I simply wouldn't put too much stock in an early voting exit poll. It may, or may not mean anything except that more democrats are voting early. That would simply mean that more repubs would vote late. Nothing more could be assessed.

NBC/WSJ/Marist poll: Romney gains in key swing states - First Read
Originally Posted by Kitschy
Several points+
1) the early voting polls have historically been spot on

2) yes, Democrats vote early in greater numbers - a fact I noted in my original post, and the reason the GOP vehemently opposes early voting

3) people who have already voted are excluded frim the pool of likely voters in those states, thereby skewing the current poll numbers (a fact acknowledged by NBC/WSJ/Marist in their full release)

4) those states include FL, where voting is already underway in several counties, most notably heavily Democratic Hillsborough.

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