I'm growing out from completely bald!!! The main problem I had was getting the top hairs to grow down and catch up with the hair growing lower down on my head. This gave me a very weird phase at about 6-8 months after my hair started to grow. It looked very uneven and messy. So I scheduled a Devacut, and now my layers are back to being more matched up with each other. So you are still going to need some cuts while you are growing, but once it gets close to shoulder length all over, you won't need too much cutting. I plan on needing another cut in maybe 4-6 months, but we'll see, I would like to go longer, but I still have some hair on the sides that needs to catch up and may need to get a cut to match all that up sooner.

Anyway, I have pictures on my website of the before and after Devacut.

Don't be afraid of color either! My curls look so good dark. It's a totally different look for me and I love it!
Izzy, started CG in January after being bald for over a year!
Currently using Devacurl No-Poo, One-C, Angell, Set-it-Free. Weekly Jessicurl WDT. Lemon-aid every other week.