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You're right. The couple could have been racist.
OH COME ON! That's not funny - it's offensive to suggest that people of colour were "racist." Way to trivialize a serious issue.
I apologize if you mistook the meaning and were offending by it but it was not joke or jab at anyone. I was agreeing that it could have been a case of racism. But on the side of the other party involved. Look, racism is something that I attach to the dislike or putting down of another person because of the color of their skin. You can call it racism or prejudice or another label. I simple was implying that yes it could have been but it could have been the black couple having something against a white person. And you cannot say that doesn't happen.

Read the rest of my commets and ask if they go along with what you think I meant? No, the don't. Now read it how I intended it. Yes, they do. I may not always phrase something the best way and I might offend people not on purpose but I don't see anything comical or to joke about when race is involved.
Having something against A white person is NOT the same thing as being a racist. I honestly cannot make sense at all of your longer post so I have no idea what you meant. But I do not believe that people of colour can ever be racist. Can they hold prejudices, be resentful, be jerks, treat other people badly, or generalize about people? Sure. But that in and of itself is not racism.
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