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Originally Posted by curlypearl View Post
rbb - thank you so much! I'm really struggling with the 2nd day issue.

At what point in your styling do you seal your hair, how much oil do you use and where on your hair do you put it?

I had tried using some oil a way back and I thought it was making my hair stringy. Maybe I used too much or put it on at the wrong stage?

I would certainly try it again - please let me know your technique! Thanks a lot.
here's what i've been doing for the last 3, 4 weeks. i don't use oils, my hair hated them, took days to wash it all out. i use emollient butters listed in my siggie. the one that has been working so very well for me and i am exclusively using now is jane carter nourish & shine. you can get it on ground, i buy it at wholefoods.
when i lowpoo, after i put in leave in and possibly a styler (unless it is a styling leave in), then i blot excess water from my hair, and then flip head upside down and scrunch in some jc n&s. flip my head up and scrunch in more jc n&s. let it air dry.
the days i cowash i don't seal whole head, i wait and see and as my hair is drying i add jc n&s where it seems to need it. for my hair, the 'usual' spots are right along my face, the sides. so i do pat some in after i blot my hair, but it is when i 'set' my hair up then i pat some in right along the hairline around my face. as it dries there are usually spots on my top left side that seem to need it, so i pat it in there. and if there are any others as it is drying, i do same.
i've been getting lots of compliments on my hair. jc n&s really makes it shine and it does retain the moisture.
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