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No one cares about the proper definition of anything until it's on a topic that concerns them, that is clear. Perhaps you are underthinking, Speckla. Everything doesn't boil down to a Beatles song. To borrow a quote, the facts matter.

If you post something on here, get ready for responses. Really, from anyone or everyone. You don't have the right to comment and have no one disagree with you. Sorry, you don't.
1) You're right. Perhaps I am underthinking things or just really not even capable of understanding them. It's better to stay out of something than jump into the middle. Especially if you're a lousey swimmer.

2) I'll have to amen that. And I apologize. Showing my ignorance again.

Underthinking, yes; not capable of understanding, no.

I don't understand why you're apologizing (or deleting all of your posts).
I'm deleting them because they're just fluffy lines of nonsensical babble. I'm embarrassed and ashamed of having made such an ass of myself...
But I do have to ask one thing. I only know Yellow Submarine and I Wanna Hold Your Hand by the Beatles and I sure you're not referring to either of those...explain the analogy, please?
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