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My co workers and I were discussing the possibility of a bad winter this morning. We were talking about the old timers guide to weather predictions based on woolly worms, thickness of corn husks, etc. (taken with a grain of salt) and the predictions meteorologists are making.

Sigh. Based on all, except the woolly worms, its not looking promising.
I doomed us all by signing up for a marathon in February. So of course now the winter will be horrible to make my training as miserable as possible.

Then again, at least a bad winter around here means boatloads of snow, and we surely need the water.

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I take it you've been through this before. I hope your training is not miserable.

The high tomorrow will be 72! And the low should be in the mid 40's. That's the fall weather I love and enjoy. Especially when I have to get up/leave long before sunrise.
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