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When I refer to my "Jewfro", it's meant with affection (especially since I'm Jewish). Maybe you don't mean to sound racially derogatory when you repeatedly refer to your "Jewfro" in a negative way, but to me it sounds a little self-degrading. Your hair is wonderful. Maybe somewhere along the line you got teased about it by jealous guys or by some others because it looks different. But it's your signature. It makes you a rock star, if you'll let it.

I'll leave it up to others to keep giving you product and styling advice, but I'd just like to add: When you're fifty, I can almost promise you you'll be surrounded my men whose hair is thinning or are bald, and you'll be one of the few men in the room with a great, attractive mane. Even if you start going bald, you'll have enough hair that you can transplant it from the back to the front lol.

Als dos beste. Shalom.
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