I had not been to visit Naturally Curly in quite some time, due to personal circumstances, until very recently. I was surprised to see the "Trending Topics" banner and perplexed at how these fluff/trash stories could be "trending anywhere. I nearly left the site and planned to delete my apps from NC; however, reading posts from other outraged, confused, and upset members made me pause. Since it appears the new company in charge does not plan to discontinue this offensive and pointless "feature", I would like to suggest the use of better filters/aggregators, keywords, or site selections. Indeed, if it is planned to disregard member requests for the removal of this "feature", then ideally, the "Trending Topics" would be full of useful, relevant news, not "Botox" stories, celebrity gossip, or links to articles full of poor grammar and terrible spelling. This is a site for addressing the unique needs of curly hair, not the cafe board at makeup alley or TMZ.