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Knowing my luck it would happen when I'm either in bed, so I'd end up running around with my pjs on or while I'm at work, so I'd be running around in my uniform.

I would not be prepared in any shape or form.

Dawn of the Dead/Sarah Polley style.
That was immediately what I thought of too!

And yes how could I forget 28 Days and 28 Days Later?!!

I never saw The Crazies, but was that zombie genre?

Same thing with Chernobyl, which I haven't seen yet but get the feeling its zombie-ish.

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The crazies is another film by Romero. Its about a gov war agent being used on a town. everyone infected either dies or becomes homicidal. Not zombies in the traditional sense. kinda like 28 days "zombies" arent really zombies. but its still really good and scary. there's an original and a remake. try them both.

I havent seen the chenobyl dairies. I think the chenobyl incident is scary enough without zombies.

and I forgot to mention about food. fishing can be another means of survival.
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