I used a little Argan oil last night and conditioner only...
I actually layered conditioners because one did not feel moisturizing enough....tressemme naturals, JC deep treatment...even added a dab of Devacurl One C. Sounds like a lot, but I didn't actually use a lot of either conditioner. I got my virgin organic Argan oil from applevalleynaturals...I'm definitely repurchasing!!! I'm glad I purchased the 2 oz, it was also a better price.
3a/b (normal-porosity/elasticity/density)

Cleanse: CJ Curl Fix, poo bars, Sevi Pumpkin, Deva Decadence NP, SM
Condition/LI: MD RCLI, KCKT, GVPCB, DB pumpkin, Sevi Pumpkin, EMBC, Deva Decadence One C, SM
Style: CHS CK, CJPP, CR CM, KCCC, UFDCM, LALSG, B'Leave-in, Deva styling/super cream, BRHG, MopTop (custard/gel), OM HUDS, OM SS, Volumax mousse/gel
DT: SM superfruit, JC DT, CJ Rehab, Sevi Pumpkin

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