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Originally Posted by Kitschy View Post
My routine is pretty simple. I am an early riser, I love mornings! Two to three times a week, at 6:00 a.m. I co-wash and detangle in the shower. I apply sealer oil and one drop of honey (nothing else) to hair that has been patted dry, flipping upside down to make sure to get my nape. Then I turban for 20 minutes while I dress and relax (browse the internet). I take down my turban and clip up my roots. Then I dress, drink coffee (and browse the internet) then drive to work.

At work I take out my clips and allow my hair to continue to dry. That's it. From Start to finish 2 hours, but my hair stays damp for an additional two hours which I don't mind - my hair actually looks best when it is damp - mostly dry.

Of course any routine will vary due to style, length and curl pattern. My hair is long enough that I hardly notices a wonky curls, and there basically isn't any "shape" to maintain, AND I don't even mind a bit of frizz, it gives me volume.

I think the answer the question about simplifying, it is becoming very comfortable with the curl you have, then with a minimum amount of manipulation it becomes defined and something of beauty. It might not be like everyone's idea of beauty, but it is your own particular, natural you.
I love your hair and regimen. Your regimen is about the most similar to mine I have seen thus far. I think many would be surprised at the natural gorgeousness of their 'naked' all the hair styling companies' dismay LOL
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