If you want an actual cut and you have no clue what to do then I would be a bit worried. Of course you can learn to do anything but I doubt you want to practice with your own hair. That is why they use those dummies when people are learning to cut hair in beauty school...

There are videos online you could watch if you just want a basic cut. But cutting in layers or a certain style will be more tricky.

It can be hard to find a good hair dresser who knows exactly what you want and can follow through with it. I find many hair dressers get a bit too scissor happy and just start cutting like there is no tomorrow.

I personally donít do any drastic cutting to my hair, I purchased a pair of professional hair cutting shears and I trim the very ends myself. Every once in a while I will go through my hair for split ends and trim and seal those before they get any worse but that is as far as I will go with cutting my own hair

Good luck.