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Yes. For years, if I used both mousse and gel, I applied the mousse first because I felt it provided a "base" for the gel. However, since learning the Deva method, I have reversed it, because both gel and foam get scrunched in. I have not tried reversing it again, back to Foam first, then gel...there may be a reason to do this with winter coming, but I dont know what it would be, and in the end, I am not sure it matters. When I used the foam by itself, I got great shiny curls, but by the end of the day, they were sort of sad looking with some frizz, so I think the foam needs something else. I have never tried a curl cream; I know some curlies use a curl cream under a mousse or foam. My stylist suggested this but we have not tried it. I see her on Monday, so maybe then...
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