So after many, many weeks of research on the CG method, I finally decided to try it today. My hair has been straightened for a week or so, and before then I did what I guess would be a "clarifying" wash with some Dove shampoo & conditioner. Today I cowashed with Suave Naturals, then did the deeper condition (not sure of what that's called) with Bionatural Conditioner from Walgreens. I did all of this upside down because from what I understand it promotes clumps. While still in the shower, and still upside down, I applied SM Curl Milk as my LI & then used the Smoothie, then plopped for about 10-15 minutes, then applied Aussie Instant Freeze & some coconut oil to seal. My hair is 3a/3b (I think), low/normal porosity (but I did the test on straight hair so I don't know if that counts), very very dense, I have all the hair in the WORLD. Not sure about elasticity.

Now it's only been about 20 minutes or so and I can already see some frizz coming up around my crown. I do have hair that has been bleached around that area, could that be the issue? Or did I do something wrong? Any help is GREATLY appreciated!