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Originally Posted by jsuzkelley View Post
ETA: I'm also now wondering about the AIA cleansing pudding compared to these other two. Maybe if its in the name of research...
I tried both the Coconut Co-Wash and the Cleansing Pudding. I preferred the scent and price of the co-wash, but the castor oil was just too much for my hair. The cleansing pudding is perfect for my 2c/3a fine hair, but some curlies do find it stripping, so alternating the two might provide an equilibrium.

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I just purchased this product and also brought a pump bottle while at Sally's I already had a funnel at home. It was easy to pour into the bottle.
This is an excellent idea for any of the AIA tubs. It's really hard to scoop out the product in the shower without getting water and hair in it. The pump also makes it much easier to control how much product you're using.
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