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Originally Posted by poshfro92 View Post
I guess my questions are : How do you prevent losing your curl when coloring your hair? and Are box dyes more damaging to curly hair than the dyes you would by at beauty supply stores?

Thanks for all your informatioN!
Yes to losing curl with permanent hair color. As far as box dyes go, just got knocked on my butt by one of the box dyes by Clairol called "Natural Instincts". It's a demi-permanent but I suspect there was far too much peroxide in it. Part of the colors within this line were recalled, come to find out. They admitted to screwing up their formula. Meanwhile, my hair turned out too bright and went completely straight in places. An unholy mess. Not cute against 3b/c curls. Natural Instincts? ...

Never. Again.

But that hasn't stopped me from purchasing Clairol color lines that don't contain peroxide (like their semi-perm.s, which contain no peroxide/developer). The drawback to no peroxide though is that it will wash out more easily than even demi-perm. because it doesn't even partially penetrate the cuticle. Also, shades of color that are lighter than the un-dyed hair won't show. Sounds like that would be fine for you, as you're just looking to darken. And I'm looking to cover grays - which are so light they'll show all color - so it won't affect me either. For my next round, I'm using a color choice from "Clairol Professionals". Anyway, best of luck to you and your hair
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