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sorry had to make two post. the kit is 4 steps.. it is around 160 but it lasted me 4 treatments, and I had thick curly hair, shoulder lenght.

I am really liking this product, I have done three treatments now since my post and it is great. NO hairloss, actually i think my hair is growing faster, when I wash my hair it goes back to the natural state. I love it. For my first treatment I think it lasted without frizz and puffiness like 3-4 weeks, now on my third treatment it last without frizz and puffiness like 6-8 weeks. I love this product. trust me, i use to do my hair and as soon as the wind hit it, puff...I dont work for these people, they should really pay me for my reviews. hahah.. ANyway.. i am still using the argan oil shampoo and conditioner and organix iron hair spray I mentioned in my previous post between treatment..all are great...goodluck ladies...I am stuck for life with these took me forever to finally find a combination that works and I have to help other women with puffy, frizzy hair....Whatever you do, do not use labrailiana keratin treatment.....I had bad hair loss and my curls have not come back since I used it in february... It is like I am starting my natural hair all over again..I will eventually cut off the damage caused by labrasiliana keratin treatment...
hope this update help you...
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