People ask me all the time but they don’t just ask me what I’m mixed with they ask me where I'm from or where my parents are from!...and then when I say CANADIAN since I was born here and have only ever lived in Toronto they proceed to ask me where my parents are from like they don’t believe someone who is mixed can be a Canadian. Toronto is one of the most multicultural cities in the world but if you are not white and you say you are Canadian people want you to delve into your parents backgrounds which bugs me because unless you are Native Indian you aren’t native Canadian hence everyone came here the same way.

Some of the time it isn’t that I am offended that people associate me with a race or culture that I don’t belong to or even if they think I am mixed it’s just the hassle of answering the questions so many times that it irks me some. I get asked a lot, from the guy who works in the gas station to a woman whose table was beside ours at a restaurant and leaned over into my private dinner with my hubby to ask me! I have been asked if I was everything from Trinidadian, Guyanese, Puerto Rican and Brazilian, Indian, and Arabic...I am actually mixed with Indian, Irish and West Indian.

The questions usually differs depending on how I wear my hair. When it’s straight I mostly get Indian and when it’s curly I get Latin a lot. The hair in my family differs a lot, my grandmother is Irish and is a natural red head freckles and all while my other grandmother has long straight Indian hair...I love being a mixture of different cultures I actually find it quite fun.

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