I have lp, high density, fine hair. It's a tricky walk at first. Like someone said heat helps. I use a hooded dryer to prepoo with EVOo before shampooing. If i am cowasing i let the warm water run over my hair for a few minutes first. All this is to open cuticles. All my conditioners are CG to slow down buildup. Im okay with cowashing because I use a strong shampoo TJ ttt to get all product out once a week. Layering used to drive me crazy because everything sat on my hair. I finally figured out to allow drying time in between layers. So after my ro, I towel blot my hair. Then I apply leave in. Wait five or more minutes then apply styler. Most of the year I do conditioner and oil styling. Because of humidity I like gel in summer. I like FSG best because i can put exactly what I want in it and not have all that other stuff like PVP that speeds up buildup. In the winter if I travel north I need something heavier but finding a curl cream that doesnt make my hair greasy has been hard. I do like GF pure clean cream. The tricky part has been figuring out how much li to use because my hair is fine so I can't use too much but I have a lot of hair so I can't use too little. That is why I only use conditioners as li. Enough hair milks to get to all my hair is greasy. I like TN or TJNS mixed with a little AVJ.
Yes, it's real. No, you can't touch it.