I am not a fan of the baseball guy either....he is arrogant. Abi is annoying. I like Lisa, Denise and I am still ok with Malcolm. Anyone else notice they seem to have much less 'physical' challenges lately? They all have of clothes, and a lot more food too. I think they have really changed the show/game by those things being better. I realize they are not great but compared to the 1st 5-6 seasons-totally different.
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I was thinking this when I was watching Lisa put all the clothes out - remember "back in the day" when they could bring ONE comfort item? and they had one pair of shoes or whatever (maybe they had 2?) I seem to recall it was a "what you have on" kind of thing, you didn't get a bag full of stuff. And I don't think they gave them food the first few seasons, either, did they? Or a source of water like they have now (didn't they have to find a stream or something?) Remember they brought them a scale in season 2(?) Australian Outback and they had all lost a BUNCH of weight, they had NOTHING and they got rained on so badly - I look at the camps now and think they have it much easier than it was then (but in no way do they have it "easy")

I know a couple of people got really sick during the first few seasons (I seem to remember someone with lots of bites and coming back with internal parasites and stuff) - maybe they have had to make these changes.
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