Eh, I'm just going to say it. It's the honest truth and how I feel. I just don't feel like I'm mentally competent enough right now to vote. I am doing better but I still feel...surreal? It's odd when things don't feel real or like I'm fully 'there' at times. I can listen to one candidate and totally agree and think they're right and then listen to someone with the opposed views and find myself being swayed to believe them... I just don't know...
Originally Posted by Speckla
Speckla, feeling like you're having mental health/depression issues, and whether that means you're not capable of making a sound voting decision, or that its just not top priority to you right now, is perfectly acceptable. I'm sure no one is judging you based on that.

You're being honest, and I respect that. You're not being judged here.

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