I'm not an expert on this obviously, since I posted the question. However i would think using it as a leave in would be the problem because more of it stays in your hair.
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That makes sense to me, too. I don't know if cleansers and rinse-outs leave behind any glycerin, but the amount left behind probably depends on how much glycerin is in the product. Wen Fig cleanser makes my hair funky during low dew points, and it's loaded with glycerin.

Like Knotty-Maddy and sewt15 said, it all depends on your own hair (and the mood it's in at any given time ). KCKT and KCCC are always the products I can count on during arid weather. I love to try new products and to experiment, but KCKT and KCCC are always, always in my cupboard. When it's not so dry, I really like KCSS (some glycerin) as well, but I have to be careful, because it can knot my ends if my hair is extremely dry.
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