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I realized I'm pretty sure it is protein overload. idk what to do. I really wanna purchase Shea Moisture Purification masque because i do have scalp issues as well as i heard it moisturizes well.
Here's what i do 2/3 times a week.
Shampoo with Giovanni triple treat shampoo.
Condition with Tresemme Naturals moisturizing conditioner and leave it in.
Then air dry.

I was baggying 2/3 times a week with Nubian Heritage Evoo and Moringa deep treatment masque. Maybe that's where I'm going wrong? Should i cut it down to once with this one, once with something protein free and moisturizing like GVPCB with a little honey and jojoba oil added, and once with maybe the purification masque? Or is that too much? I'm just so confused. I'm ready to cut off all my hair. It's stressing me out!

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When you say you have scalp issues, what do you mean? What is happening?

I almost ALWAYS have build up even when i shampoo although shampooing helps.. And It's itchy and dry.
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