Hey Cappuccinocurls!

Love your username, BTW... I love cappuccinos and I love curls, lol.

Anyway, I just ordered a bonnet dryer based off of a review I read comparing hard plastic dryers to soft bonnet dryers. Check it out here: Comparing hair dryers - YouTube

I've also seen Jenell (blakizbeautyful from youtube) using it for a deep conditioning treatment.

I ordered the Gold N' hot soft bonnet dryer from Sally's yesterday. Should arrive fairly soon. I can't wait to do my deep conditioning treatments with it. :3

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I've got that one; had it for a couple of years or more now. I.LOVE.IT. I got mine from Sally's too.

I do a lot of rollersets in the winter--on huge rollers--and this bonnet holds all of them.

And the voltage? wattage? heat? is comparable to commercial dryers.....whereas most of the bonnet dryers I saw fall WAY short on either voltage/wattage/heating power or bonnet size.

Just be REALLY careful about that area where the nozzle meets the bonnet. That little plastic ring embedded in the bonnet where you click the hose in? My aunt was putting the dryer away for me, and painstakingly prised the ring out of the bonnet and now I can't get it back in there--it won't stay.

I can still rig it up so it's workable but now the hose falls away all the time. The manufacturer should have made the ring so that it can't be removed so easily. That's my only sole gripe--I love this dryer otherwise.

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