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Originally Posted by tariwate View Post

I'm posting for the first time on this board and want to thank all of you for huge inspiration! I've been doing a modified CG for 2 months now and the transformation is amazing. Before I used to only shampoo my hair (no conditioner, nothing) and tie it back while wet. I brushed when dry and then wondered about the massive amount of frizz and crazy no-shape hair.

Here are my before and after (not so good quality) pics. I noticed that like many others I couldn't find one single before photo of me without the hair tied back. Now, with the fairly recent operation letting-the-curls-free i'm more than willing to let my hair down.

The first one is my before picture, the 2nd after 1 week of mod CG. The last 3 pics are 2 months into the mod CG and after a trim + layers.

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