I understand that a lot of the CG methods really help 3s and 4s. But, as a 2, I'm questioning them.

What's the point of trying to make our waves as curly as possible? Sure, if you like it, that's great -- go for it! I like the way curly hair looks just fine.

The problem is that I'm so tired of fighting the weird mix of curls that is my hair, trying to make everything curly. Some pieces are nearly straight, while others are almost 3s. Often, the strongest curls deflate within a few hours anyway. Instead of trying to make them all 3s, why not go for a happy medium?

My hair is super soft. I like how soft my hair is. When I do all the curl junk, it's not. Breaking the casts helps to an extent, but it's never as soft as my natural hair.

Like most wavies, I fight frizz, and I think this is my real battle. Co-washing has helped a lot, as has getting a shower filter. I use Hair One, and lately I've been using mousse (no cones or parabens). My hair has been acting fairly decent, especially now that the summer humidity has passed. I use low heat only sometimes, and use a heat protectant when I do.

Anyone else out there going for soft, natural waves instead of curls? What do you use? What do you find helps?
Averages out at 2b, ranges from 1c to 3a, very fine
Mane 'n Tail co-wash + leave-in
Clarifying shampoo every few weeks
Lavender Allergy

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