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Originally Posted by melissa.pett View Post
I get the perm question. And then if I go straight or something for a day I've had someone ask if that will ruin my perm.

The best is that I get asked about my ethnicity. I'm as white as it gets. So I say I'm kind of a mutt but I have Irish and Scottish and people nod and make noises. And then I get the question... Do you have black ancestors, too? Whaa? Because you've never seen Irish and Scottish people with curly hair? Geez!! My cousin is mixed and when people find that out they say it must be where my curly hair came from. Because that's totally how genetics work.
Start telling them you're black irish and they'll leave you alone. LOL
"More people would learn from their mistakes if they weren't so busy denying them." - Harold J. Smith.
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