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Originally Posted by Meowmixert View Post
My ideal curls are soft and not frizzy without feeling coated. However, I'm starting to think recently that this is not possible, at least for my 3a, coarse, low porosity hair.

I currently use LA looks sport gel, which works well for cutting down on (but not eliminating) frizz. But it leaves my hair very coated feeling after I scrunch the crunch. Same for the Kinky Curly curling custard. But when I try more of a cream instead of a gel, like Miss Jessie's curly custard, it leaves my hair very frizzy.

So, my question is, do I have to choose between being frizz free and having soft hair? I want both!

And as an aside question: is there an easy way to tell which ingredients your hair will like based on your hair properties? I've been experimenting for months and months and all I know for sure at the moment is that my hair does not like shea butter.

Thank you!!
I have this issue too the frizz just wont budgeabd sometimes gels plaster my hair down the only thing OI can recommend u to do is try a soft hold gel
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