My hair is fine/low porosity. In the winter, it needs more moisture (layering of products) and protein. I put products in soaking wet hair, use curl towels to scrunch out the water before I diffuse. I don't touch my hair with the dryer (or my hands) while diffusing. Other then putting in my part and clipping the front out of my eyes, I leave it alone for a few hours until it's dry. Then, I scrunch--if necessary.

Other thing is to be careful with the products. My hair doesn't like chemicals. I stay away from most, especially polyquats. They coat my hair and cause frizz. They also make it so other products don't absorb.
3a (Corkicelli), highlighted, fine, low porosity
modified CG, since April '07
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HGs: Anything Sevi; Curly Kinks Satin Roots, Curlycue ReNew and Coil Jam; homemade FSG and okra gel; soap bars; UFD Curly Magic (now Hello Curly Curl Stimulater); Botanical Spirits Jellies, CJ Repair Me, Aloe Fix and CCCC